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Iron Crew Podcast

Oct 11, 2019

Week That Was!  Danny discusses a mindset technique that world class divers use to overcome obstacles.  He also explains how he knows so much about mobility, a simple way to find out how long you will live, and why aerobic capacity is the basis for all athletic performance.  Finally, Danny shares his insight on how to eat properly during the 5-week 2020 CrossFit Open Season. 

Here is where you can find each segment in case you want to skip around.  Enjoy!

:27 - Free T Shirt Giveaway!

3:03 - Week That Was supported by Kingsfield Fitness, use “ironcrew” discount code for 20% off a 4-speed vibrating foam roller!

4:53 - How to use mindset to overcome obstacles in your life and in athletic performance

11:09 - Danny explains how he knows so much about mobility 

15:26 - A simple way to find out life expectancy with a sit and stand test

19:39 - Why aerobic capacity is the most important part of your success as an athlete, and how to implement it into your training

28:01 - Listener Question: How to eat during the 2020 CrossFit Open Season

34:43 - How to support the podcast

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