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Iron Crew Podcast

Apr 9, 2020

Danny is back solo and is answering listener questions!  He also tells an inspiring story about why you likely have zero excuse to not be exercising.

Also, the first Iron Crew Athletics workout program is here!  “Iron Crew - At Home” provides 30 days of home workouts, with minimal equipment needed.  If you’re tired of creating your own home workouts, purchase your 65 page pdf workout guide!


Here are your listener questions answered:

Are all macros created equal?

How do insulin spikes affect fat storage?

How do I get all of the vitamins I need without supplementing with a multi vitamin?

How can I become an “intuitive exerciser”?

What is the most effective way to lose body fat and build muscle?

What is the best upper body lift?

What is the best way to mentally prepare for a tough workout?

Post COVID-19, what is the future of the brick and mortar gym?

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