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Iron Crew Podcast

Jan 19, 2022

In this episode, I discuss how being a mentor to someone can not only change that person’s life…it can save yours. I also challenge everyone to learn chess, as there are so many lessons in that game that are practical to living a quality life.

I also answer listener questions…

  1. Can meal prep and eating the same foods in bulk apply to kids?
  2. How can I fix hip flexor pain after doing sit ups?
  3. How many calories does sex burn?

00:07 - The power of being a mentor and how it can save your life.

09:27 - Why learning chess will help you in life, business, and relationships.

19:33 - Pro’s and con’s of meal prepping the same foods for children?

26:04 - How do I fix a hip flexor injury after doing sit ups?

32:48 - How many calories does sex really burn?

38:12 - How to support this podcast.

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