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Iron Crew Podcast

Apr 17, 2019

Danny gets a chance to sit down with movement specialist, gymnastics guru, and communication expert, Carl Paoli!  Danny and Carl talk all things human movement, how to own your actions, and what makes Carl so great as an “in person” speaker.  Carl also shares some funny stories about his previous modeling career, why he started making YouTube videos, and how he became the go-to gymnastics source for CrossFit.  

Before their conversation, Danny talks about his week, full of funny stories about how his son’s school photo makes him look like a serial killer, his reference to using a flogger on Shannon (in the bedroom, of course), and what the heck does “on one” mean?  He also shares how he and Shannon tapped into their inner Marie Kondo as they begin their de-clutter journey.  Then, Danny answers a listener question:  What causes nausea after a difficult workout?  

Here is where you can find each segment in case you want to skip around.  Enjoy!

1:35 - The best bar muscle up cue

3:18 - Danny’s son’s school photo makes him look like a serial killer

5:01 - Danny and Shannon tap into their inner Marie Kondo

8:28 - The meaning behind being “on one”

12:02 - Calling all sound engineers 

13:32 - Danny starts video recording for the YouTube channel

14:25 - Kingsfield Fitness Vibrating Foam Roller now 20% off!

15:38 - Listener Question: What causes the feeling of nausea during/after a workout?

22:58 - Rubel Roasting Coffee - The freshest coffee in the world!

24:12 - Conversation with Carl Paoli

1:09:23 - Closing

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