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Iron Crew Podcast

Jan 9, 2019

In this hilariously entertaining episode, Danny sits down with 3-time CrossFit Games competitor Chris Detmering.  Chris shares his personal story about how he followed his dreams, his time training with the NorCal CrossFit team, and his training philosophy regarding aerobic capacity.  They also go down some rabbit holes on life, breaking karate boards, relationships, puberty, dildos, and much more.  Lastly Chris explains, for the first time ever, his alter ego "The Real Chris Big D".  You will not want to miss this.

Before their conversation Danny shares his thoughts on whether or not you should discuss prior relationships with your current romantic partner, how to create a clean living space for a peaceful mind, and the do's and do not's in preparation for the CrossFit Open.  Danny answers a listener question: Is it okay to workout after happy hour?  In case you want to skip around, here's where you can find each segment.  Enjoy!

4:05 - Is it a good idea to talk with your current romantic partner about ex’s?

9:30 - Does a clean living space create a peaceful mind?

14:40 - Do’s and do not’s in preparation for the CrossFit Open

21:30 - Listener Question: Is it okay to workout after having a few drinks at happy hour?

27:10 - Conversation with Chris Detmering

1:23:30 - Closing 

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