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Iron Crew Podcast

Jan 30, 2019

You will literally feel like a fly on the wall for this conversation between Danny and Adee Cazayoux.  As the founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity, Adee is most known for her expertise in nutrition.  It turns out she is also an expert in the field of romantic relationships.  Danny and Adee dive into how being your own person can benefit any relationship, how time apart actually brings you closer, and some tips on how to stay connected with your partner during busy times.  

Before their conversation, Danny expresses his frustration with AARP after they keep sending him free tote bag offers in the mail.  Danny then shares his top secret way to subconsciously turn your woman on, how putting sex in your calender will decrease anxiety, and gives you his pro tips on how to set up the best online dating profile.  You won’t want to miss this.  

In case you want to skip around, here is where you can find each segment.  Enjoy!

4:10 - Danny gets tempted to sign up for AARP by a free tote bag offer

5:20 - Danny divulges his simple secret to subconsciously turning women on

8:05 - How to decrease anxiety by putting sex on your calender

11:45 - Danny shares his tips on how to create the best dating app profile

30:15 - Conversation with Adee Cazayoux

1:29:50 - Closing 

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