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Iron Crew Podcast

Mar 13, 2019

As a coach, athlete, and OG in the CrossFit community, Pat Barber is a living legend.  Danny and Pat talk all about life as they go down many rabbit holes on their upbringing, relationships, parenting, business, and fitness.  When it is all said and done, they agreed that being self aware is the common denominator of what makes up a quality human being.  

Before their conversation, Danny goes into why your kids are not on your team, how his son outsmarted him in an argument, and why persistence as a parent is remarkably powerful.  He also gives his CrossFit Open 19.3 recap, 19.4 predictions, and how to judge the CrossFit Open in a group class.  Danny then answers a listener question on his favorite workouts to do when your short on time.  

Check out Pat’s online business at and follow him on Instagram @patbarbercf

In case you want to skip around, here is where you can find each segment.  Enjoy!

3:55 - How kids are not on your side

7:39 - How Danny’s son outsmarted him in an argument

9:15 - On Being persistent with your children

12:12 - CrossFit Open 19.3 recap 

14:37 - How to judge the Open

20:17 - 19.4 predictions

22:34 - Listener Question: Quick Time Crunch Workouts

28:48 - Conversation with Pat Barber

1:23:30 - Closing

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