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Iron Crew Podcast

Jun 12, 2019

Danny explores the mind of relationship coach Stephanie Ganowski!  Stephanie drops a ton of insight on why loving yourself is the key to being able to love another person, how to get over the fear of approaching the opposite sex, and how to break the pattern of being in toxic relationships.  She also hammers home the importance of a strong morning routine, positive self talk, and how to avoid attracting negative people.  Finally, she reveals what the sexiest quality a man (and woman) can possess.  

Before their conversation, Danny discusses why you are the only person holding you back from success, shares a simple way to make your kids feel like a million bucks, and divulges his struggles with dating in high school and post-divorce.  Hear about how Danny and Shannon reevaluated their relationship to include more time doing the things they enjoy.  Finally, Danny dives deep into Rhabdomyolysis (aka Rhabdo), clearing the air on how common it is and who is most susceptible to it.  

Here is where you can find each segment in case you want to skip around.  Enjoy!

:25 - Stephanie’s mission to help people love themselves before loving another person

1:36 - Why successful relationships start with self exploration

2:18 - How your inner dialogue affects the way you feel about everything

2:51 - Danny’s “Week That Was” supported by Kingsfield Fitness, use “ironcrew” discount code for 20% off a 4-speed vibrating foam roller!

4:33 - Danny shares the struggles he had in high school with being the “friend zone” guy

6:58 - Post divorce, Danny found himself studying how to be a “pickup artist”

9:17 - Shannon & Danny reevaluate their relationship and find out that they have been neglecting their personal needs

10:54 - Why giving too much of yourself to your partner can cause problems in the long run

13:02 - Danny finds unexpected inspiration last week during a photo shoot with A2BePhotography

14:53 - The only person stopping you from being who you want to be, is you

17:20 - A simple way to make your kids feel extra special

21:20 - Listener Question:  How common is Rhabdo?

23:45 - What are the common symptoms of Rhabdo?

24:24 - Under what conditions is someone susceptible to Rhabdo?

27:18 - Guest Interview supported by Rubel Roasting, use “ironcrew” discount code for 10% off the freshest coffee around!

29:15 - Conversation with Stephanie Ganowski

1:18:17 - Closing remarks and how to support this podcast

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