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Iron Crew Podcast

May 29, 2019

Danny has a fascinating conversation with Desheay Jenkins, a professional parkour athlete and parkour gym owner.  Desheay divulges how a video game was the inspiration behind starting parkour, why mastering the basics is a necessity, and how he had to separate himself from negativity in order to thrive.  Desheay also goes into his mindset before deciding to perform a challenging and dangerous parkour movement.  

Before their conversation, Danny shares how he recovered so quickly from his back injury, the importance of a proper warm up for injury prevention, and the scientific research behind the facial hair women find most attractive on men.  You won’t want to miss the interesting story of when Danny arrested a robber who used his parkour skills to break into a 2nd story apartment.  Lastly, Danny drops some insight on International Masturbation Month!

Here is where you can find each segment in case you want to skip around.  Enjoy!

:27 - Desheay Jenkins, owner of Danny’s son’s parkour gym!

2:40 - Mindset before performing a challenging parkour trick

3:50 - Danny’s “Week That Was” supported by Kingsfield Fitness, use “ironcrew” discount code for 20% off a 4-speed vibrating foam roller!

5:12 - Learn about how Danny arrested the “Parkour Bandit”, a robber who used parkour to break into an apartment

11:53 - Happy International Masturbation Month!

13:28 - The importance of a proper warm up for injury prevention and what to do if you don’t have time to warm up before a workout

15:33 - Learn how Danny recovered so quickly from his back injury

18:02 - Scientific research reveals what style facial hair women find most attractive on men

21:36 - Check out Danny’s other podcast called the “Lionhearted Podcast”, where he co-hosts with Dave Musgrave!

22:15 - Guest Interview supported by Rubel Roasting, use “ironcrew” discount code for 10% off the freshest coffee around!

23:56 - If you want to master double unders, download the FREE guide at 

25:22 - Conversation with Desheay Jenkins

1:18:05 - Closing remarks and how to support this podcast

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