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Iron Crew Podcast

Jun 26, 2019

Danny sits down with Dr. Shannon Nash, a clinical veterinarian and wellness blogger!  Dr. Nash also happens to be Danny’s significant other and they answer listener questions while on a trip to New York.  They dive into topics ranging from what a day in the life of a clinical veterinarian looks like, tips on communicating better with your romantic partner, and how long Danny intends to grow his hair.  Shannon also drops a ton of insight on how to get back into the things that bring joy into your life.   

Here is where you can find each segment in case you want to skip around.  Enjoy!

:15 - Danny and Shannon go on a trip to New York

1:30 - At what point is a city considered up state New York?

2:46 - What does Shannon do for work?  A day in the life

10:39 - How do you communicate as a couple?

32:24 - How long will Danny grow his hair?

37:21 - How are you handling the New York weather?

42:53 - What is a day in the life for the two of you?

52:25 - Tell us about all of Shannon’s house plants!

1:01:05 - Who is big spoon?

1:03:09 - How often do you have sex, and is it more or less than when you first started dating?

1:15:25 - Closing

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