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Iron Crew Podcast

May 22, 2019

Danny linked up with Marcus Filly, the creator of functional bodybuilding and 6-time CrossFit Games competitor.  Danny and Marcus talk all about what people really need out of their fitness program, what the most overused exercises are, and why he veered off the path to becoming a doctor to pursue his passion for fitness.  They also dive into some deep conversation about spirituality, intuition, self exploration, spending time in solitude, and finding comfort within your own mind.  This is an amazing conversation that really shows Marcus’ commitment to changing the way people think about health and wellness.  

Before their conversation, Danny shares how his podcasting nightmare came true, how to stop being negative by using the “5 minute rule”, and clarifies a common misunderstanding of how to do the CrossFit workout “Murph” as prescribed.  Danny then makes a promise to his audience about sound quality.  He also answers a listener question:  What are the pros/cons of switch grip in the deadlift and when should you use it?  

Here is where you can find each segment in case you want to skip around.  Enjoy!

:26 - The unhealthy side to the sport of fitness

2:02 - The importance of spending time alone

2:59 - Danny’s “Week That Was” supported by Kingsfield Fitness

4:00 - The science behind vibrating foam rollers

5:18 - A podcasting nightmare comes true

7:51 - Danny’s commitment to sound quality for his listeners

8:22 - How to stop being negative by using the “5 minute rule”

10:34 - All podcasts are up on YouTube!

11:22 - Free Double Under Guide on

13:02 - Danny clarifies the common misunderstanding of how to do the popular CrossFit workout “Murph” Rx’d

16:13 - Listener Question:  Pros and cons of switch grip in the deadlift and when to use it?

19:48 - Guest Interview supported by Rubel Roasting

22:43 - Conversation with Marcus Filly

1:13:26 - Closing remarks and how to support this podcast

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